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Stock Market Sectors Performance: An In-Depth Analysis

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Stock Market Sectors Performance

Introduction : Stock Market Sectors Performance

The stock market sector performance chart is tool that helps investors to monitor the performance of various sectors. In a given time period. For example, it can be used by an investor to determine which sectors have performed better than others during the past month or year.

Please see attached chart for your reference.

What are stock Market Sectors? Stock market sectors are basically groups of stocks that fall into specific industries. Each sector represents a group of companies with relationships and similarities in the way they conduct business. For example, manufacturers, technology companies and banks all fall into different sectors.

# Investing for Beginners – How to Choose Correct Sector ETFs?

What Is A Sector?

What is a sector? A sector is a grouping of industries in the economy. Sectors are typically based on the products and services produced by them. For example, information technology, finances and insurance form a sector known as “professional services”.

The retail industry, for example, is divided into four sectors: grocery stores, department stores, clothing and apparel stores, and electronics and appliance stores. The four sectors can be distinguished by their customers and the types of products sold.

A sector is usually described using an acronym that stands for the sector’s name as well as a code indicating its industry. For example, “education” may be SOC (service), MNG (manufacturing) and ANP (agriculture).

Which Sectors Are Likely To Perform In Future?

Which Sectors Are Likely To Perform In Future? A similar sentiment is echoed by those at ICICI Securities. They expect the IT sector to lead the rally, supported by cyclicals like capital goods and BFSI.

Herald van der Linde, head of equity strategy for Asia Pacific at HSBC, however, suggests staying away from real estate, auto components and sectors that have regulatory uncertainty like PSU banks and utilities.

“Banking in general is at best going to perform in line and will find it very difficult to outperform the overall market. Banking is not going to do much for most of the investors,”

Over the medium-term, however, the market direction will be guided by a slew of domestic factors such as the upcoming result season for the quarter ended December 2021, expectations from the Union Budget that is presented on February 1.

Stock Market Sectors Performance

Stock Market Sectors Performance Chart

SectorMarket-Cap% ChgA/D RatioAdvanceDecline
 50 23.88%0.0020
Agri202,500 43.84%1.576944
Alcohol122,849 36.01%1.8095
Automobile & Ancillaries1,448,144 -1.37%0.726692
Aviation87,234 34.39%1.0033
Banks3,000,464 -7.70%0.25624
Capital Goods590,484 35.76%1.159784
Chemicals1,120,508 93.85%1.4511277
Construction Materials608,621 35.56%1.174841
Consumer Durables213,163 51.57%1.692213
Containers & Packaging17,224 40.13%1.071514
Diamond & Jewellery262,155 102.44%2.38198
Diversified350,430 39.13%0.871315
Electricals37,733 9.71%1.361914
ETF25,443 21.96%10.67323
Finance1,798,363 40.28%1.44203141
FMCG1,641,418 41.10%1.304333
Footwear58,839 172.55%0.5024
Healthcare1,244,015 56.99%2.3312152
Hospitality67,143 -3.09%0.581831
Industrial Gases & Fuels145,368 11.41%2.6783
Infrastructure511,440 31.12%0.351851
Insurance422,248 17.39%2.0042
Logistics112,967 0.45%0.861922
Manufacturing37,236 95.32%1.5032
Media & Entertainment105,803 -32.30%0.702130
Metals & Mining1,140,034 24.54%1.649558
Miscellaneous136,481 12.64%0.471532
Oil & Gas2,158,517 64.01%0.31413
Paper16,090 -40.48%0.431228
Photographic Products542 107.28%1.0022
Plastic Products116,316 51.65%1.334030
Power806,640 64.95%0.831518
Real Estate286,498 14.81%0.885259
Retailing346,412 119.13%0.82911
Ship Building4,145 -43.27%0.0002
Software & IT Services3,415,803 177.78%2.049245
Telecom614,387 -6.62%1.071615
Textiles256,731 46.75%1.42142100
Trading244,316 323.63%1.684728
Stock Market Sectors Performance Chart (On Yearly Basis)


If you are planning to invest in stock market, it is important to know the performance of some top sectors. Here there is a table that will give you an overview of how different sectors have performed in past 1 year. You can use this information to pick top performing sectors and invest accordingly.

Conclusion: In this article you find the sector wise performance of Indian stock market. You can use this data to know the best performing sector in a respective year and based on your risk appetite invest accordingly. The list of top 10 sectors is also provided for major Indian stock exchanges such as NSE, BSE, MCX & MCX-SX.

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